All please read the following regarding the CR6017A-MA’s

Note – There are 3 main factors that could lead a customer to assume this unit has no power even if the unit is ok. 

1.       We noticed a 10-15 second delay on power up(initializing), from the time we pressed the button to the time the unit actually Powered on and became functional.  Once the initial power delay was completed, the unit responded “instantly” during power cycling.  Conclusion – Although there is an initial delay (no actual power defect was observed preventing the unit from working

2.       If the INT/EXT speaker switch is set to EXT from the factory this model will not have any sound from its internal speakers.  Our factories need to Default this switch to INT so that our customers won’t assume the unit is defective due to no sound being produced.  We did find 3 units of the 15 tested with the switch set to EXT which could result in a phone call to customer service or a returned unit.

3.       NO power indicator light???  Most of the time electronic consumers want/expect to have “something” happen once the power button is pushed.  If the unit’s default setting from the factory is – Volume set to minimum and Function switch Set to “Phono” with the auto stop switch “on”, Nothing appears to be happening when the consumer presses the power button although it’s really just in the switch settings.  Consulting the User manual would correct all of this if the consumer would take the time to review.

Summary –

Overall unit is functioning properly.  Most of the “said to be power issues” are actually just default settings from the factory that are not user friendly.

Steps before doing any other troubleshooting

1. Unplug and wait 15 seconds

2. Check that speaker switch is set to INT

3. When powering on wait at least 20 seconds before doing ANYTHING else!

4. Then set function switch to ‘Radio’ and raise volume to 25%

5. If nothing working at that time begin troubleshooting power issues, bad outlet, ac adaptor, try another outlet, surge protector, etc