Digitizing Decoded 

One Touch Recording - LP and cassettes to CDEdit

  • One touch recording allows users to simply record their vinyl (or cassette on applicable models) to CD
  1. Place their vinyl on the turntable or cassette into the deck
  2. Insert a blank CD into the CD drawer
  3. Press the RECORD button

USB Conversion - transfer vinyl and cassettes to PCEdit

  • USB conversion allows users to simply connect their turntable to their computer (with the provided USB cable) and transfer vinyl (or cassettes - applicable models) directly onto PC. This allows the user to digitize their music in an enhanced outlet. With the provided software, users can then split into tracks, cleanse the content by removing any unwanted cracks, pops and much more.

PAR (Portable Audio Ready) Edit

  • PAR (Portable Audio Ready) allows users to simple connect their MP3 Player (Ipod, etc) to the turntable, with the provided PAR cord, and listen to their digital music via their Crosley device. 

Direct USB & SD encoding Edit

  • USB/SD Encoding allows users to tranfer their music from their turntable onto an SD Card or a USB flash drive. The user can then take the USB drive/SD Card to their  PC and insert the device into the appropriate input and listen to their music. This feature gives great benefil to the user because it provides convenience by not having to house the turntable directly next to a pc, for preserving music. It also creates an MP3 file of the music, making it extremely easy to load onto an MP3 player.